I can still remember (as it was only 10 years back) when in the UK the only people watching out for Black Friday deals were Apple fanbois as it was the only day in the year when Apple would discount some of their range, the discounts being global, and some very good bargains to be had.  I think it was only really with Amazon joining in and pushing the event world wide that the fuss spread over to this side of the pond.  Since then it has waned but there can still be some good deals to be found.

From a fountain pen basis here are the ones I’m aware of in the UK.  I’ve listed them in alphabetical order for the retailer and have only included those listed on their websites or mail pushes.  Please note this is also based on the list of retailers I have in my browser and are actually advertised as Black Friday deals, not just their regular offerings.  Any I have missed, please let me know and I will add.

Cult Pens: 10% off some Pelikan pens and 25% off some Rhodia paper.  Note this is alongside other offers and so confusing to identify.

Mr. Pen: 20% discount.

Namisu: Between 20% & 53% on many of their pens.

Onoto: 10% off Acrylic Pens – 2019acrylic10, 15% off Silver Pens – 2019silver15, 20% off Accessories – 2019access20

Pelikan Pens: 10% off any purchase. (Note under their Pure Pens store they have a larger X-Mas sale).

The Journal Shop: 25% discount of everything.

The Pen Company: 20-36% discounts on a large range of pens (of all types), as well as some ink and paper.

The Pen Shop: 20% off everything, including Montblanc pens.

Write Here: 12.5 discount on Yard-o-Led, 10% off some Sailor.  15% off OPUS 88 and Fine Writing International.  Visconti Silver Dust half price (their last one – has the chromium nib option, not palladium).

Note some European based retailers also have Black Friday deals, these include Appelboom, Iguana Sell UK, La Couronne du Comte, and Fontoplumo.


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