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Having arrived early, this really has been a pop in style of meet. Even by 5 pm we were at four attendees, though two could only stay a while. By half past we’d gained another and the pen chat was flowing.


It’s now 7 pm, food have been eaten, some have left, some more gave arrived. Presently six of us here enjoying the last of the sun. Suspect we’ll be migrating indoors shortly.

— Update at 21:30

I’m now back home.  Was a pleasant afternoon, evening.  There was nine of us in the end, when suggesting a Fleet Hub to Pelikan we were hoping for 6-7 people, after which we found one of our South East Pen Club members could not make it, so a good number for a first hub.  Hopefully next year we’ll get a few more.

The location worked well due to the weather, inside it was busier, though with early arrivals we could have grabbed a table for ~6 and just rotated who sat down.  Ideally we could do with some where inside, but as with many locations, cost is an issue as most the pubs we approached wanted a big payment to reserve an area for us.

Goodies wise, as there may be some still not in the know.  As expected, for a third year in a row, we each got a bottle of the Pelikan Edelstein ink of the year, for 2019 Star Ruby.  Also there was a colour coordinated writing pad and a copy of the 2019 Pelikan Annual 90th anniversary book from Pelikan (which I think we got last year). [edited to correct]