Well I have been quiet for a while now whilst getting my act together.  Anyone who’s been put under for an operation will straight away understand, where as it’s hard to explain to those who have not.  Needless to say for a few weeks after you are just very tired, but not exhausted, and it’s not like the tiring effects of the flu.  It’s something you just have to work through.

While it’s still going to be a few months before I can go to the gym (stop laughing), swimming, riding a bike, or seeing a physio (more important), I’m now moving with more flexibility and able to walk a mile or two at a time – though I’m also now at that dangerous stage where it can be easy to over extend myself.  I still have to be careful picking things up though and my back will not support loads that put strain on the arms – such as the tub of wood protector I want to get for my garden table (as it’s just £5 from Tesco).

So did I treat myself to anything?  Of course I did, and hopefully it should be reviewed within time.

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It’s a Namiki (Pilot luxury brand) Nippon Art Mount Fuji and Ship maki-e fountain pen.  Six months back I was considering treating myself to one for my birthday.  Due to a number of reasons I decided not to, but the idea was not totally gone, so what better excuse than to try and make myself feel better 🙂  Note this is probably an entry level to the maki-e world where an artist actually does the work, you can get maki-e pens for a third or quarter the price, but there the pattern is printed on to a silk screen and applied to the pen, also there’s not necessarily addition protective layers applied so the picture can wear off over time (and heavy use).