We’re now at that quiet time of the year when we’re getting over the start of 2019, with the associated blues.  The weather is poor and transportation tends to break.  Visiting the London Fountain Pen Club at the start of the month it was noticeable with only nine of us attending.  Low numbers but I seem to remember it was the same last year.  Certainly the winter blues had hit a few people but it was still a good sociable meet up.  The photo of the day must have been the Platinum Preppy alongside the Pilot Kakuno by me on Instagram, two great pens and a fraction of the cost of others we generally see.  Actually the Kakuno, with its smiley face, is probably an ideal February pen with a warm coloured ink loaded up in it.  I can see one being added to my collection.

The above segues me on to pen shows, partly because the above meeting clashed with the Bristol Pen Show (costing us a grand total of one member), but also because next Month’s club meet may be cancelled due to the new March London Writing Equipment Show.  In the past London has only had a pen show in October, and Cambridge has hosted a March one.  I’m unaware of the reasons (not being a member of the Writing Equipment Society) but the Cambridge one has been moved to London so we now have two at the Bloomsbury Holiday Inn, hopefully both large and successful.  Time once more to start saving and hoping for restraint.

Wonder if you can get a kotatsu in the UK (and if I can find space for one)