A quick post on what I’ve got coming up.

From Kickstarter I have three pens due.  A Wancher True Urushi Dream Pen, which I will review after around a month of use.  The Edge by Venvstas/utopos-design, which I may review though it’s a low cost potential one off by Lucio Rossi,  Reason for reviewing it will because Venvstas (Lucio) does produce a range of architectural engineering influenced pens.  Finally there is a Franklin-Christoph 31 with Jonathon Brooks material under the P.I.F. campaign.  I do need to review my F-C pens, will be an interesting challenge as I feel like I’m a little bit of a fan boy.

I’ve two more pen purchases planned (one is already ordered), though I’m keeping quiet about those at present (one is a substantial cost for me).  Hopefully the first of these will be reviewed in February/March.

For my next couple of reviews I’m going small scale British.  I’ll be reviewing pens by John Twiss then Powerful Signature next.  Hopefully I’ll be able to borrow a Italix Parson’s Essential from a pen club buddy, leaving just (a far as I’m aware) the Worcester Pen Company (does anyone have one of their pens I can borrow?) to cover.