This might surprise people considering how often I’ve done it.  I don’t actually like long distance flying.  It’s not a fear thing or cabin fever.  It’s not other passengers who’ve hit the booze too hard (as almost happened on my trip out) or screeming babies (as happened on my flight back).  It’s the fact I just can’t sleep on planes, which can make me grumpy, and this flight was just typical.  I did try to sleep, even spent an hour trying to relax to soft music (Brian Eno’s Music for Airports 1), but all that happened was I got a sore shoulder and felt even more tired.  Still aside from the lack of sleep and the crying/screaming kid (who quietened down after about half an hour then only became a nightmare over short periods towards the end) it was a pretty uneventful trip.  Still could have been worse.  Was sitting next to a girl who works for DFID.  She’d come from Vietnam (though with a 2 day stop over in HK on the way back, not the way there) and was heading back to her present base, Sierra Leone via Heathrow..

Once the plane had landed I must have been through in about 45 minutes.  This includes the Terminal 5 shuttle train, collecting my bags, and going through Customs.  I looked for some one so I could be a good boy and declare the fact I was importing an airsoft gun and then prove I was legally entitled to.  Not one was there so I was straight through.

All that was left was to take a taxi back to work to collect the car then a drive home, which I did via the Rickmansworth Tesco, which I pass anyhow.

I really should have got some rest on returning, but instead I’ve been unpacking, doing washing loads, and maybe having a little play with the G5.