There was a chance I would meet up with Ida once more as she had to be back from Taiwan for work tomorrow (leaveing Timo and the kids over there), however she pinged me to me know she was now not due back till ~10 pm so it was lonesome dining time.

Not being sure what I fancied I went through Trip Adviser starting at the top.  Ignoring non-Chenese restautants and the big hotels I stumbled across Mask of Sichuan & BejingMask of Sichuan & Bejing.  Now every time I’ve gone to Chatham Road (i.e. for dimsum at my old regular or to Sprin Deer) I walked past this place.  It’s by the TST East MTR station and actually looks like it’s connected to the pub next door so I had ignored it.  The reviews made me reconsider.  I’m glad I did.  It’s not the bes Szechuan I’ve ever had but the food was good, the menu esxtensive, plus there was a full vegetarian (real Bhuddist style vegetarian) menu as well.  Only catch for me was I found the seat uncomfortable.

So my final HK evening meal was done.  Leaving the restaurnt I noted that the mist was still over the Island so I crossed over to the bay and the Avenue of Stars to take some photos.  It was a nice night and a pleasant walk along the front while taking some suitable shots (JPEG previews being uploaded at the moment) and that was that.  Now back at the hotel starting to pack.  Check out is by midday tomorrow.  I’ll be heading of to the airport around 18:00/18:30, before which I’ll be collecting my altered suit and maybe the new one (which will then need putting in to the suitcase).  I also need to work out where I can change as my clothes for over here are too light for the flight and the UK (and also the heavilly air conditioned airport) so I will need to change in to slightly heavier clothing before checking in my luggage.  I’m assuming I’ll have to do it at the hotel rather than the airport.