Earlier rise planned due to the possibility of meeting up with Pak and his father for lunch – they have a mid-afternoon familly bash they would have to get to, except, due to unforseen circumstances they could not make it.  This meant I had more time to try and find some where to buy post cards before going to lunch.  I failed.

Dim Sum was at my pet place, though I noticed that their range is a lot smaller than it used to be.  Stil they’re still good and I had a decent fill.  Heading back to the hotel for a pit stop I found a post card seller round the corner from the restaurant – so not exactly inb a toursty area.  Only catch is I assumed there would be more further on.  I was wrong,

Yau Ma Tei and airsoft shops was calling, so over I went, back to Guns & Guys to get my early birthday present.  In case you’re wondering, the gun in question (a GHK G5 GBBR for those in the know) plus 3 spare magazines cost me ~£250 (the duty/tax limit when carrying yourself is £390), where is in the UK, if you can find the gun, it either sells for £265 or £285 depending on the shop, and about £70-80 per magazine, so a big saving either way.  Only catch is I will have to spend about an hour at checkin going through aditional security checks to prove it’s not a real gun before it goes in the hold – no great issues, just takes time.

Now back for a short break before heading out for … post cards ….