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Did not konw just how good company I’d be this night as I was starting to feel tired before heading out to meet Ida and Timo (who are heading to Taiwan for a holiday tomorrow).  We met for a drink at Al’s Diner in Lan Kwai Fong.  We were joined by one of Ida’s friends, Chloe, a local who’re presently studying in Brighton.  We had a quick drink then headed inside a residential looking block to Mama Chow – a ‘back street’ Szechuan place, the sort of place I love.  Cheap, tatty, good food, small, and not on the tourist trail,  The food was good, though I’d have to say that My Old Place in Bishopsgate is still superior.  Chat was varied and flitted around, however eventually our stomachs were full and it was time to move on.  I was then in for a treat.

Anyone who’s talked to me about Hong Kong will know I’ve gone on about  superb tequila bar called Agave.  Sadly about a year ago it vanished from D’Auguilar Street with some rumours it had reopened in Wan Chai but as a pale imitation.  Well this is not so, instead about 4 months ago it re-opened round the corner in Lan Kwai Fong itself.  Only a couple of us were drinking by this stage as Timo had to drive tomorrow and Chloe was content, but a couple of margeritas were ordered.  I had the house Reposada which was as good as ever.  Looking at the menu there were some really good looking and sounding tqeuilas, however I couldn’t justify (or take) 275 HKD of rare anejo (maybe another day).

On leaving Ida and Chloe were due to head on to another bash to catch up with some old friends.  I was invited, however as it had been ~31 hours since I’d last had sleep I was starting to feel the worse for wear so called it a night.