An interesting flight.  On one of the new airbuses.  BA allow small electrical items to be on now during take offs and landings, just with phones/tablets in airplane mode.  There’s also (in World Traveller+ class) two charging USB sockets in the back of the chair below the entertainment screen,

TBH flight was not as bad as I thought it was going to be as there was a honey moon couple (at least I think they were) who were knocking backthe booze at the start and even managed to knock a glass over, however they calmed down early in to the flight.

Got through Immigrations and Customs quickly then found myself queuing as my olf Octopus card hd expired,  Put 100 HKD on it not realising that was the cost of the express train toHong Kong (about £8), so have had to add more already.  Good job it appears I had some credit left from last time I was here.  Also picked up a HK Tourist Board SIM while I was there.  Cost me 96 HKD for 8 days but includes 5 GB of data (there was a 5 day option for 68 HKD, but ‘only’ 1.5 GB).  Wasn’t going to bother originally, but as Vodafone will charge around 40p per text while over here, the free local texts may make the card cheaper before I look at network conenctivity.  Good job as well as the hotel wifi only seems to allow one device to be connected at a time.

Journey to the hotel was simple.  I’d like to say that it’s down to the number of times I’ve been over here, but in reality the transport system works rather well over here with the Octopus card (whicthe London Oyster and Yokyo Suika cards are based upon) covering all public transport (including White Star Ferries, Peak Tram, and Central trams) oh and also can be used in the convenience stores (as at the race course …)

Now relaxing/recovering before heading out for the evening.