Webshots is no more and the new fully commercial form they’ve gone to (smile.com) is naff.  As a result I’ve had to look else where and have decided on Photobucket.  I’m limited to 2 GB of photos on the free account, so I’ve not uploaded everything from the past, I may pay in the future, time will tell as I don’t exactly load photos that often and so far I’m about 60% with four holidays loaded.  It does have advantages over Webshots, such as sub-folders allowing me to split photos up more logically (i.e. per day as well as per holiday) .

The link for all my photos is http://s1084.beta.photobucket.com/user/dapprman/library/ – there’s an arrow on the left side that produces the list of folders.

Update 2019

With Photobucket first removing the lower end subs (which I had) then limiting the number of photos on their free account to just 250, I have now moved my photos for this holiday to My Microsoft Onedrive