Well tonight was my final night in Rome and I’m uncerain whether I’ll have time to post tomorrow, so while a follow up will be done when I’m back in the UK I might not get another chance while still over here.

Tonight I failed again to get in to La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali again (perhaps I really ought to book next time as it is listed as the 5th most popular restaurant in Rome on TripAdvisor, I went to some where slightly nearer to home but also with a high rating (127th out of over 4000) Le Tavernelle.  The food was great and I’m now stuffed.  As with many Roma restaurants it’s open late – I got there around 9/9:15 and left close to 11 while others were still on their starters.

I’m now near packed, my legs still hurt, but tomorrow I’ll be up and off to the airport after breakfast, so this may well be Ciao Roma.

Buona Notte.