With two days to go I’ve suddenly realised the need for souveniers and postcards, but on constructing a list for the latter I’ve hit a dilema.

As far s I can tell, postcards serve one of two purposes.  Either to tell some one they would like where you are, or taunt some one that they are not.  The picture is key as it gives a taster of what you’re experiencing.  The thing is in this modern day of emails and online photo albums are they still a valid form of teaser ?  While in the past people have had to wait to possibly see/suffer holiday snaps, these days you can upload from many hotels and point people at them before you even return home.  Combine this with social media and the challenge of writing some meaningful words on the back of a bit of card sddenly seem, if not now irelevant, then at least passe.

I’m still doing cards, just contructing my list now.  These days it’s much slimmed down, familly and foreign friends only really, though made easir this time by at least a couple of normal targets having been at the wedding with me.