As ever I had plans, though part of them were in black and white.  I set off for the station and the main museum.  It was due to close at 19:30 so I had a few hours spare.  On arriving I wandered round the gardens outside and decided to leave it till tomorrow or Saturday as I was not sure I’d have enough time.  I thus wandered.  I reached Piazza Espagn, better known as The Spanish Steps.  The bottom level and the piazza were full of gawkers, hawkers and beggers (reminding me some what of Park Guel in Barcelona).  From there I went on to a back street restaurant recommended by an ex-colleague of mine, L’Enoteca Antica in Via della Croce.  While in a touristy area it was maily full of locals, always a good sign.  The food there was good and not ‘stock Italian’ (except for the dolce).

From there I decided to head towards Piazza Trevi and the famous fountain there.  As I wandered I found myself outside of the US embassy as I started to walk down the winding street Via Vittorio Veneto – the same street Marcello drove up after leaving the bar in La Dolce Vita (see the monochrome homage yet …).  From there I carried on past Piazza Barberini on to  Piazza Colonna, which I initially though was Trajan’s Column until I noticed the inscription was to Marcus Aurelius and his supression of the Visi Goths.  Soon I was amongst the throngs looking at a half covered freeze behind the Trevi Fountain. By the time I got there it was getting dark and the fountain was lit up.  It’s a shame that the left freeze was covered as there was a certain impresiveness to it.  Still no Anita Ekberg in sight,

The back streets of Rome can be confusing and as a result I did head in the wrong direction, getting stuck the wrong side of Quirinale.  A quick check of the map and I set off in the other direction and after a few back streets and a lack of street names I managed to find the real Colonna Trajan.  From there I wanderd back to the hotel.  A good night all in all and the knee if now hardly troubling me.