I should quickly point out that the late start was not due to getting up late, in fact I could have grabbed an extra half hour or so in bed if I’d thought about it (wish I had).  Internet here at the hotel is patchy and slow,so on deciding to upload the RAW pictures from my camera to a cloud site (MS Skydrive) it should have taken just a few hours maximum (it’s only about 0.5 GB), however I still have 3 files uploading and 1 to start out of 40 !! – it’s actually sped up this morning.  Once done I can delete the files from the camera (they are already on the laptop but I just want cover).

Waking up this morning the leg felt fine, but as soon as I wandered down to breakfast I could feel a slightly worrying stifness.  Thus my plans today will be a cautious wander.  Basilica Di Santa Maria Maggiore is just round the corner and is meant to be rather spectacular.  From there I have options in 3 directions depending on the comfort factor of the leg.  I fancy wandering back to and along the station to get to Porta Maggiore, though there’s not that much else around that area. From there I could hit Termini and get the metro up to Piazza Barbrini (Trevi Fountain) or Spagna (Spanish steps).  I’ll play it by ear.  Still need those uploads to finish ….