Well I needed food.  I had skipped lunch due to the leg and being busy processing photos, so looked up in both the Lonely Planet guide plus Trip Advisor for what was near by.  A place that stood out was a small restaurant about 5-10 minutes walk away, all down hill on the way out and only a slight slope on the way back.

The initial minutes of walking were not to bad and by the time I reached the restaurant I only had a slight limp.  Alas the place was full and while it looked tatty and was full of tourists I decided to come back later and test the leg out more.  I carried on away from the direction of the hotel down back streets and found myself by the Imperial Forums, a lot further than I meant to walk.  After a few photos I turned around and went back to the La Cicala e La Formica which was by now near empty bar a couple of locals.  I’m glad I went back as this place seems to be a cross between a tourist spot (due to being in the guides) and a local’s spot.  The menu was not large but the food was good (read my review on TripAdivsor once it’s approaved 😉 ).  I left there content and then wandered back.  It might only have been about half nine, but I didn’t fancy finding a bar and did not want to push the leg too much.  Initially on it’s return it was a little stiff once more, but not as bad as before, but after a short while it became just a slight limp – not helped by the cobbles of the back streets around here.

Not sure what to do tomorrow.  I still want to do the Ancient areas, but could do with an earlier start for that so instead Imight wander up to the area around Piazza Trevi, assuming the leg continues to recover.

Bouno Notte