Well today was that time on a holiday when most people are hit by panic.  A day to go and souvenirs to buy.  While not having many to get, I still always find tracing suitable ones to be an issue.  Fortunately there were two things in my favor.  First,  I’d already seen Dilli Haat and knew the potential it offered (and that many of the stalls would be different), and secondly Simon and Ruth (with whom I’m staying) are experts at ferreting out local craft shops, and so first stop of the day was back to Khan Market for one of these gems followed by a cash point.
With some success and having hit an ATM for what I expected to be enough for the rest of the holiday I then hit Dilli Haat.  It was around 11:30 and some of the stalls were still setting up, but I managed to have a decent look around and get all bases covered, except I also found myself having to barter harder than expected as I had come to realise I had withdrawn too little cash and I was at risk not being able to afford lunch (which was going to be only around the 100 rupee mark anyway).

Still my duty has now been done, I’ll hopefully get to have a node around the Masonic hall in about an hour and then we’re out for the evening, till then rest time.