The trip is virtually over, the song is near sung, yet there was one more place to visit before heading off out for the final meal, and thus I found myself outside the Masonic Hall in Delhi, meeting a man considerably more senior that me for a guided tour,  If ever you needed an example of where Masonry works so well, then what happened would be ideal.  There I am, a third of the way round the world, I could be in the city alone on business (o.k. I’m staying with friends, just let that slide) and this gentleman, who just happens to be the most senior member in North India, is showing me around the building and treating me as if we’d known each other for years and were good friends.  On top of this he mentioned meetings that he was sure I could attend if I were still to be around.  And that sums much of masonry up, you can be virtually anywhere around the world, but not have to worry about being alone.

I got back to Simon and Ruth’s (as I’m going to petition the British Embassy in Delhi should be renamed) later than expected and having partaken in a few pakora (he was much senior to me so who was I to refuse free food ^^) to rest for an hour before we went out to dine at Punjabi by Nature, a rather good restaurant we’d saved for the end of my visit.  As is traditional for this area, the portions were large so we went for 2 mains and a dal.  The Non-Veg kebab mixed platter was very nice, worthy of getting on it’s own (it’s enough by itself for 2), however the real star was the Raan-E Punjab which is a whole leg of lamb slow cooked over tandor.  All the fat is rendered off and the meat is literally falling from the bone while still tender enough to almost melt in the mouth.  I was in heaven an episcopal experience, a must to try if ever you come here.  This was rounded off with a Dal Makhani, some rice and some breads.  Superb and a great way to end my visit to Delhi.

Now I’m back and facing packing, before a slightly earlier start so I can get to the airport for ~09:30 local time.

Till then, Ja Matte Neh.