Today’s out final full day in Tokyo and once more we had plans. We’re going to be meeting Derek and Kaoru late morning for Kabuki, then in the evening we’ll be going to watch the Yomiuri Giants play at home (baseball). The initil idea as hit a near by shrine (yes there’s even a temple close to Akihabara), primarilly because there’s meant to be a traditional shopby there which sells a type of sake flavoured with ginger, then hit Akihabara for the final time before heading off to Ginza and kabuki.

To get to Kanda Myojin we first of all had to pass Ushimaseido,a place of learning dedicated to Confusious. I think the seido is the original 16th centrury (?) building, but it awas hard to get interesting photos of is as the front was full of cars (it’s still an active building for a college). Moving on round it we got to the temple to find the shop maybe no more. Never mind we went for a quick wander round Kanda Myolin expecting us to be finished in just a few minutes as there’s not much there, except it draws you in by it’s sereness and you keep finding new things to look at. Needless to say we’re now running late for Kabuki.