We decided to sort out food too late tonight. Partly because we both lost track of time and partly because neither of us was at first hungry. Our main problem was that many restaurants in Japan close at 21:00, limiting where we could get to. We found a tempura restaurant in Ginza that was open till 21:30 – ideal, so we went there. No where in the review did it mention price, nor was there any displayed outside. Turns out this one, Ten-Ichi is considered to be one of the world’s best, resulting in set meals rangine between 10,500 yen and 18,500 yen, that’s ~£50-95. We were comitted so went for it. The tempura was nice, but to be very honest for much of it Tsunahachi in Shinjuku was superior, but at under half the price. Over all our bill came to 36,000 yen, so around £180, almost 4 times as much for food that as a whole was not as good and all that extra for the ambience was not worth it. On top of which no guidance was given for what to use as a dip with each time.

Thinking back, I think the place myself and Dave went to in Hiroshima three years back was still the best I’ve eaten at, and I think it was only around £40 a head there, so possibly now £50-60, on top oif which back there the hef took pride in advising us what to use with what, resulting in the perfect flavour ballances.

Oyasumi Nasai