As Okinawan food is not some thing you’re likely to see in Europe, I felt it is only fair to say what dishes we had last night to give you an idea of the styles. Note these are desciptive as I have no clue as to what they are called.

The first dish we had was a salad comprised of beanshoots, marinated tofu blocks, lettuce style leaf and what we think is a sea weed. The final ingredient was like a thin flexible twig about 1 mm thick, upon which are large numbers of pod (which look like very small grapes). These contain liquid and the whole experience is refreshing (they pop as you eat them) with a hint of saltiness.

The second dish was a fried fish with a dip sauce. I think the fish was a red snapper variant and the sauce as pleasant, almost like a non-hot thai fish sauce (serve with sauce, not nam bam/plah).

The third dish is still annoying me as one of the ingredients I recognise but still can’t remember what it is called. It looks like a cucumber/courgette with lots of small lumps, and is slightly bitter to taste. This was combined with bacon bits, and tofu. It was not bad but when combining pieces together the flavour of the bacon was too strong.

The final dish was like a thin okonomiyaki.