There is an old saying, When in Rome, and being in Japan that meant buying a cheap umbrella which will be lost/thrown away because it’s raining heavily. Thus for a second trip to Japan I’m down by 500 yen (~£2.50) but am some what dryer.

Shibuya is al about shopping then eating, so we hit the department stores for various reasons, came out with bags, and then went in search of food. By accident we wandered downstairs in to a busy place where one of the waitresses spoke a little English, my Japanese was of no help, and there was no gaijin menu. Turned out this was an Okinawan restaurant, so even with a decent guide we’d have been at a loss. We managed, with the waitresses help, to sort out 4 dishes and some drink. The food was not bad, but nothing to write home about, though at least we can now say we’ve had this style of food – have any of you 😉

Post eating we headed back to Awajicho with the view of carrying on drinking at the izakaya we went to on the first night. Only catch was it closed at 21:00 and it was 21:10. We found a bar further on down and went in. The prices were scary, even draft beer costing 650 yen (about £3.30) for 250 ml. We also found out at the end that there’s a cover charge as well, net result was that 6 beers came to 5200 yen !! Needless to say we’ll not be going back there again.