JAL is an ok airline for economy class, the leg room is not too bad, but the seats are narrower than others and I found the back too hard (and as a result uncomfortable). The plane had the latest entertainment package, so movies; music; games on demand. Watched Porco Rosso, Charlie Wilson’s War, I am Legend and Monsters Inc.

Getting on to the plane, a very polite steward was greeting people politely in appropriate languages. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Salaam Alechem is both wrong race and wrong religion. On the flight I also helped create minor chaos when I dropped a wrapped croissant. The woman next to me moved her food tray out of the way and caught her own drink, spilling it partly on her self. In typical Japanese fashion she was very apologetic, despite me also apologising and offering her my food (thinking hers was lost). As per normal, on a 10.5 hour flight, I managed zero sleep. Feel fine at the moment, but I’m sure in a few hours it will hit home.

Getting to the hotel proved simple maps can send you in the wrong direction. I suggested we should go one way, Pak another, turned out it was a third option. Still we found it. The hotel Tokyo Green Hotel Ochanomizu is a basic business hotel but not too bad, rooms are actually very slightly larger than expected and there’s free Internet access. Just got to hope there’s safe facilities in reception as there’s none in the room (I’ll be surprised if there was not).

Presently relaxing for a short while before we head out to explore the area and grab some food.