A live update at last.

The drive to Rouen was peaceful, though after a week of barely seeing another English car, today they were every where. We picked up sallad stuff and bread on the way and had a relaxing lunch at a picnic area about 2 hours out.

On arrival we went to look through the Michelin red book for a hotel. Looks like Michelin does not rate Rouen as while there were a good few places, virtually all were at a basic level. Parking was important else we’d have to stay outside and drive in for food. There was one place – the Hotel Meridian Central, the most pricy place, but as it is the last night and previous places have been cheap, I managed to talk Pak in to it. The room is really nice, though we’ve paid the penalty for me trying to speak French. The receptionist gave us the nicest rooms on the 4th floor, and they really are nice, complete with conencting balcony, however they are out of range of the WiFi base station, so I’ve had to come down to the lobby to type this up. I did ask in reception, and could have swapped rooms, however the hassle was not worth it, plus the rooms would have been smaller and less ‘classy’.

Not sure what we’re doing for food tonight. We had talke about doing one expensive meal, however last night’s ended up being more than we originally planned, plus we’re spending more on the hotel. I have the Michelin guide next to me, and once I’ve finished being online I shall have a peruse back in my room while writing postcards.