Before writing up our day, here are some quick observations.

1. For such a modern country, it’s so hard to find a hotspot I can use. Yup – the hotel has a PC downstairs, but I can’t get my laptop on the ‘Net, so it’ll be a few days before any photo updates and even entries here will be sparce.

2. Toilets. Even knowing about it, one often forgets that Japanese views on modesty differ from ours. While the younger generations are gradually picking up more American views on life, many still follow the older ways, which includes inner walls in the mind and a relaxed view towards the body and bodilly functions. Net result is many gents toilets, the urinals are often near unblocked, allowing any man taking a piss to be seen from outside. As a westerner it is important to zip up before stepping back.

3. Japan is suffering from hotter temperatures than the seasonal norm. Net result is I might be running out of things to wear. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, but with having to navigate a foreign language I struggle with (I could probably cope – you can get a long way with kore and sore), and being uncertain on how to pay (Japan is still very much a cash society and only the bigger hotels/restaurants and department stores take visa), it’s something I could do with out.