Well we’ve now moved down the road from the old to the new. This one is meant to be traditional, more like traditional 1970’s with a hint of Japanese. Doesn’t seem too bad over all though.

Moving over Dave attempted to find an excuse to buy umbrella number 3. While laughing I found I was suddenly on number 2 as I’d taken the wrong one. Good job we were only 2 minutes down the road.

Last night I found myself almost in stitches. It’s very hard to get a single room in a ryoken, and single travellers are often put togther, so myself and David have been sharing a room. We’ve found that I snore at the moment – causing David problems with going to sleep. While at Nara I bought some ‘breath easy’ type node clips to stop it happening (these apparently didn’t work). Any how we’ve hit the sack and Dave is jokingly threatening me, when from the floor above – seriously heavy snoring. It was all I could do to stop laughing out aloud.

Oh final bit of salt rubbbing in to Dave’s wounds. When coming back from Nara the other day, just before the station, there was a rather cute girl (mid 20s) handing out flyers. She saw us coming along, moved the flyers to her far side, and gave me a really friendly smile. I like Nara. David is still nervous of Korean business men.