Despite both being rather tired, we decided to head in to Central Kyoto, rather than just hitting Down Town again. After 6 days in Japan it was actually the first journey we did where we could not use our JR rail passes. We knew what food we did not want, but only had a feeling what we would go for – probably sushi. This, combined with the fact we forgot to bring a guide with us, meant we wandered aimlessly, getting ever more tired, weary and hungry. Eventually we found asuperb narrow street that in a modern built up area was very traditional (and just across the river from Gion). Just by looking at it we knew it was the sort of area geisha would meet clients at, and true to form, later on we saw a maiko (trainee geisha) leaving.

I think we wandered down the above street several times before noticing a sushi bar. This was not a kaiten one, whcih Dave would prefer at the moment (moving track), but a sit down and order place. These are better as the food does not sit around. It was really superb and at only 200 yen a portion (2 nigri), cheap compared to London. In some respects it was scary that even with just three beers between us, the bill came to close to 30 quid.