One this we’ve both noticed from yesterday is just how physically tired we’ve been. We’re certain that it’s down to too much walking. The joke is that while neither of us are particularly fit, we both are used to walking a certain amount – after all I know I walk about 3 miles a day just to and from work. The on ly thing I can think of is that we’ve walked a very long way for 3 days in a row and it’s jsut added up. On top of that my shoulders are now sore – probably from carrying too much weight around in the rucksack. The last part does surprise me though as I’ve quite happilly done the same in other countries – Hong Kong, New York, etc. O.k. yesterday I was carrying the laptop as well, but not on the previous day.

It should be noted that my knees – my major weak point, have both been absolutely fine. This is remembering the fact I’ve just had treatment on the left one for a slipped patella (I’m still doing the exercises – some of the time).