I wonder how many of us have blotting paper. Personally I’ve had an ink blotter with paper since I was a school kid, however many in our hobby do not. So why this post. Well from my daily carry write ups you will know that a Midori Traveller Passport Journal accompanies me most the time I am out of the house, plus a Midori Traveller Journal sits in my travel or work bags. I detail the pens held in their loops, but not what else is attached.

Now both do have plastic pouches, the official Traveller/Midori ones. On the bigger journal all this contains is a pack of tabs for marking pages. On the passport, however, it contains stamps, more tabs (these actual Post-It ones) and a sewing kit. However both journals also have the official stick on pockets and these contain … blotting paper. Obvious really considering the title of this piece.

So why carry it with me, can I not just let ink dry? Well yesterday was a good example. I was at a bash, needed to sign in, did so and thought my ink was dried. Half an hour later I signed in again and wondered who had an ink smear on their hand. Later there was a meal and an agenda doc went round for us all to sign in celebration. Well this time there would be no time for the ink to dry so I could have used the ballpoint that was attached, instead the trusty blotting paper came out. No smearing this time 😉