One thing you may have noticed from my posts and reviews is a near lack of inks. I do not collect them, yet like many in our hobby I have amassed quite a collection. In addition I do enjoy swabbing and will soon need my fourth Col-o-ring (available in the UK through Cult Pens).

So here is the thing, aside from my post from December 2020 on my 10 main inks, the only mention they get is a note on my writing samples. This is despite using Fountain Pen Companion and a spreadsheet to keep track of what I have. Apparently to FPC there are 90 inks in my collection, though there are samples and small bottles amongst those, and I also have archived off a further 64 inks. So 154 inks in total, though there were others before I started keeping track.

Occasionally the United Inkdom get a batch of inks to sample and since joining the group I have normally stepped aside of those reviews, but now …. I’ve decided to join in. So my question is how to do these. I feel like a complete noob. I do actually have some ideas, but I want to try and be at least partially original rather than copying what others do. Presently I have decided I will review all the inks from the brand as a group, and if that works, look to extend that to inks I already own (Lamy, Kyo-Iro/Noto, Pelikan Edelstein, etc), but I am also thinking about individually reviewing some of them.

I welcome any thoughts 🙂