In these troublesome and confusing times I hope everyone finds the treat they’ve been waiting for else protect their wallets from this most dangerous of days.

Here’s a list of deals that I’m aware of. Note this in not exhaustive of the UK scene, just based on those I have bookmarks for, nor am I including existing regular sales. Some of these offers are listed on the various websites, others are from their newsletters that either I’m subscribed to else someone else has posted about in a fountain pen group on Facebook, Slack, etc.

  • Cult Pens have 10% off a large selection.
  • The Pen Shop have a 10% off code.
  • The Writing Desk have a number of specials and promotions over the weekend.
  • Pelikan Pens have a 10% off code (FPD20 at checkout – not sure if this also works for their sister company Pure Pens).
  • Pure Pens have a ‘12 days of Christmas‘ special week around FPD.
  • Write Here have a 10% off everything using the FPD code at checkout.
  • The Pen Doctor, on launching his website, has a free draw for three slots for fountain pen repairs.

International Stores

  • Iguana Sale have up to 40% off various pens.
  • La Couronne du Comte has a 20% off code, FPD2020.
  • Appelboom has a 20% off code, FPD20.
  • Fontoplumo have a random draw for anyone placing an order today.
  • Pen Chalet have a 15% off code with FPDAY202015.
  • PenSachi have a 10% off code with FPD.

If you know of any others feel free to let me know, also I will add to these lists as the day goes on and I see new FPD 2020 offers.