A taxi will set you back around Kč700 (about £25), and an UBER around 5-600 (about £18).  So if I were to say you could go each way for just 24 or 32 and 16 per case I’d assume you’re be interested as long as it was not too much effort.  Basically the cheapest way to travel is by bus and underground and should take under a half hour.

Coming out of the terminal you cross the first drop off point and arrive at the bus stops.  You need to check your final destination as there are a number of options, including the 100 and 119, which go to tube stations, from which you finish your journey.  For me it was the 119, and which route I will describe.  A ticket can be bought using a card or a note from within the terminal, else from the driver with cash.  Just remember an additional 16 ticket is required per suitcase or large rucksack if you’re not buying a one day or multi-day pass (Old Prague is not large for most the sites so one is probably not needed).  While the bus covers around 5 stops outside of the airport, it starts at Terminal 1, on to Terminal 3 (where UK & US travellers will arrive/depart), then onwards to terminate at Veleslavin.  From there you take the Green/A line on the underground into the centre of Old Prague – this route covers Mustek and Museum.  The 100 goes to Zlicin before you switch to the Yellow/B Line.  Looking this up it appears the 100 route may have been slightly easier for me due to the exit I required at Mustek.

The obvious pro is the cost.  If you’re comfortable you can do the journey in under half an hour (which you should) then it is just 24 or about 80p.  If you have a suitcase then it’s an additional Kč16.  For safety I went for the next ticket up, giving 90 minutes of travel rather than 30, and cost Kč32.  So my trip each way was Kč48 or about £1.60.  Note a 24 hour or 3 day ticket includes one suitcase.

The cons – some walking, though not much, and if you get out of the wrong exit, a longer than expected walk and maybe in the wrong direction (hands up).  Also guides do warn you need to be careful of pick pockets during busy periods, such as Easter and the summer.


  • When getting your ticket the time only starts when you validate it.  This is by a small machine by the door entrance to the bus (just inside) and the top of the escalator going down in to the stations.  It is clearly marked and you only validate each ticket the one time.
  • While all three cross over stations are marked as having facilities for the disabled, at Mustek the escalators were just in to the station and down to the platforms.  Changing over from line B (closest entrance to my hotel) to A there were steps to go up and down, but not alternative I could see.
  • At the airport the ticket machine takes notes and cards, no coins, and you can select 24 (30 minutes), Kč32 (90 minutes), Kč110 (24 hours) or Kč310 (3 days).  There’s also a Kč16 for suitcases/large bags – you pay for it separately.  Note the 1 and 3 day tickets include the suitcase.
  • At the stations the ticket machine shows individual values and have about 20 options.  You need to select the value you need – for the bag you need to press discount then the Kč32/16 button.  Also it appeared to only take coins.
  • Under 6 and over 70 (the latter with a specific pass which can be obtained in Prague) travel for free.
  • Aged 6-15 count as children and 60-70 as seniors, both give discounted/half price travel.
  • For destinations on the Green/A line you need bus 119.
  • For destinations on the Yellow/B line you need bus 100.
  • A pdf of the underground can be found here.