Well that was an easy flight. Took off on time, landed on time, quickly through the airport and simple travel to the Old City

via the 119 bus from the airport to Nadrazi Veleslavin, then the Metro A to Mustek, which is near my hotel.

Made a number of interesting discoveries on the flight. It must be remembered it has been around eight years since I last flew a short haul flight. In the past the only difference between business and cattle was the level of service and the quality of the snacks (plus priority in boarding and leaving the plane). I assumed it would still be the same, except with BA now charging for economy class drinks/snacks and business class getting a glass of champagne (or soft drink) and some snacks, so imagine my surprise when a proper light lunch was presented to me and I was able to have a coffee after. A couple of rows behind me and beyond it was credit cards for anything.

Another difference I didn’t expect was the seating. Booking in I saw two seats either side of the plane to choose from. Going on to the plane I saw three seats on each side before discovering that for we ‘capitalist cruisers’ the middle chair had been converted in to a table.

So I’m now in the hotel, but still managed to continue one tradition, on leaving the station I went the wrong way.  Good job the hotel was nearby and I was aware of the risk and was prepared, so it was not like when myself and Pak walked for about 10 minutes in the wrong direction in Tokyo ….