I decided, or more acurately my tired limbs decided, that I would eat locally so I hit Trip Advisor.  My original choice was furthest away and listed 22nd in Rome for Trip Advisor restaurants.  Needless to say it was full.  The next place was no where in sight (perhaps it’s now closed) and so I went to my third option, Osteria della Suburra down the road from the hotel in via Urbana.  It’s a local’s haunt.  When ever I’ve set off for food around 6/7pm it had been closed, but on return it’s been full.  I got there around 21:!5 and only just got a table.  The food was decidedly average, nothing special, but this is the sort of safe place you keep in your back pocket and where locals will awlays go.  The atmosphere was decent and I did recognise some of the other diners from workshops and shops in the street.  Over time more people came in, this is obviosuly the sort of place that stays open late, real late.  Interstingly enough, not long before I left (around 23:00) an American couple sat down next to me.  Turns out they lived in this area for 5 years many moons ago when he studied at Rome University and that in recent years they have always come back to this place.  As I said this is a restaurant for locals who want a safe reliable meal.

Right now yawning.  Tomorrow is my last real day here so there’s a few places I want to hit, plus I’ve got psotcards and souveniers to buy so ciao.