So I set off this morning towards the Colosseum, but cut east of it, up some steep interesting steps, through an arch to St Pietro in Vincoli, past the university building, past Parco Traiano and on in to Domus Aurea and Cole Oppio.  This is meant to be a pay to enter area, but unless I missed some thing (google spy-sat maps to be hit) then it was mainly an open park used by many for lying in the shade, while most the ruins looked to be shut off for archaelogical or repair work.  Still is was a pleasant treck,  I then wandered down to the Colosseum by which there is a fenced off area of ruins that do not appear on maps.  I took some photos of here, turned around and …, pain, sudden sharp at the back of my right knee.

Initially any movement of my right or any pressure on it really hurt, but after a short while I was able to support my weight and then started to be able to walk with an ever lesser amount of limp.  Each tme I stopped it would stiffen up again slightly, but as long as I was moving it was bearable.  It did, however, mean my plans for the day are now shot as Rome is a city of walking, especially the ancient sites.  I wandered back to the hotel to rest, regretting the fact my room only has a shower as I reckon a hot bath is what I need.  I’ll head out for a late lunch and see how it is then before deciding where to wander – I can do the ancient city part any day and an early start might be best due to the queues for the Colosseum, so if things feel fine then maybe I’ll wander up to the Trevi Fountain area for the afternoon/evening.

Fingers crossed it’s just a tweek.  I’m fairly certain its not the ligament as I it eases up to a certain extent when I walk on it (though on sitting, stopping it does stiffen again) but I’m struggling to identify if it’s at the botto0m of the thigh or top of the calf.