Well today was the core reason for my trip to Italy. Steve and Alessia’s wedding. It was held in the old ‘monastic’ part of a church (I’ll try to update with the name later) with a midday start. The ceremony was held in a court yard by the major of Leonessa (an old family friend of Alessia’s ?) and the registrar. It was simple, friendly, in Italian and fun. I spent most of the time in the balcony over-looking the courtyard as one of the unofficial photographers, getting shots from up high while Pak took from ground level.

What followed was small scale for Italians, but scaled back as it was believed (probably rightly) that we from the Realms of Britannia could only cope with so much food. Yup Italian weddings are food fests. What followed was snacks, then anti-pasta (a lunch sized portion of cold meats and cheeses) anti-pasta comprising first of lasagne (decent size for a UK bistro) then fetucini with porcini and grated truffle, then the carne which comprised of a small steak, a lamb chop, a skewer of pork and turkey and a skewers of vegetables. We were pacing ourselves and yet by this stage we were all effectively full. Next came fruit – mainly melon, and then wedding cake, and small tarts/cakelettes. Stuffed we were. Can’t believe people were able to dance after.

It was a great time but after we all looked exhausted (probably a combination of heat and lots of food, plus of course booze. We’re now back in the hotel, relaxing and sipping a beer. I suspect we’ll not be going out for food tonight.

All in all a great day.