Last night was always at risk of being chaos. 14 of us plus one youngster heading out for food as a group. The restaurant was booked by Alessia, though due to their being unhappy at dealing with such large numbers of non-Italian speakers we had to order in advance. This was the easy part.

To get to Da Mose we had to head out of town up one of the mountain roads to a small village which appeared to contain no buildings aside from An adventure/activity park. We proceeded onwards and upwards towards the summit (where I might have to return with a camera) until eventually we gave up and started back down the slope. After going through the ‘village’ once more we turned back round a second time and went to the only place, the adventure park. Guess what we found there. As pre-warned it was tatty, it was also empty. We were close to an hour late, but the food was good, the wine was good, and despite language difficulties and their initial concerns over us, service was fine and pleasant.

Once back at the hotel it was time for the bar and relaxing drinks before calling it a night.