I may have been a bit brief yesterday on my first write-ups.

Dilli Haat feels a bit like an old compound that’s been converted, however it was purposely built and is relatively new. The old feel is probably just a side effect of trying to market stalls feel traditional. The main thing for me that stands out though was the colours. If you look at my photos you’ll see lots of bright reds, purples, oranges, greens and blues, lots of contrast.

A bit on the weather. It’s dry here, though I believe it was raining last week. Temperature wise it’s a bit like an early English spring during the day time, except dryer. The suhn is bright, though not that strong, partly due to having to pass through a light polution resultant haze. In the evenings, however, it’s presently colder than in the UK – not freezing, but only about 5 or 6 degrees.