We had a slight scare this morning as I realised the JR Travel Bureau at Tokyo station would not be open till 09:30 where as we’d be needing to buy our tickets at 08:00. Fortunately we found the main ticket desk and were able to get them from there. The trip from Tokyo station to Narita was as relaxing as the way out, the Japanese do their express trains well, and we arrived on time.

Checking in at Narita (for JAL anyhow) is now automatic, no option of a desk clerk. The machine was a pain to use, but partly because it looks like the flight is full and most people pre-checked in. We’re not going to be able to sit together, but at least I get on aisle seat so can stretch my legs.

Used up the remaining credit on my Suica card by buying some extra goodies, but forgot about the cash I had left. Fortunately some of that has gone on our coffees, where I’m typing this up offline as we pass time and I recharge the laptop batteries. There is a free internet set up here care of Yahoo, but you have to use their PCs so we did not bother (we’re not exactly in any hurry to check emails, etc).

Review to follow tomorrow.

Ja Matta