We had decided that we would look to hit a Michelin star’ed restaurant on the final night. Well Rouen has three of them, one 2 star and two with 1. Turned out the better place was closed during the 1st two weeks of August so we set off for the nearest of the other two. Les Nymphéas had a superb menu, our problem was to be narrowing down our choice. It became moot in the end as it was full. The second place, L’Écaille was primarilly a fish restaurant. I think Pak was happy here, but I struggled with their menu choices so instead we went to a local place slightly nearer the hotel. It was a very nice meal and in the end meant that we had eaten traditionally French on every night.

Having mistakingly thought the ferry back was at 17:30 rather than 16:20, we decided to lie in this morning. Even with that mistake we still should have had time to grab a lunch at the Flunch at Citée des Europe before hitting the Carefour then going to the ferry port. In the end we found ourselves increasingly running out of time. By the time we got to Calais we had under an hour so we grabbed picnic stuff at the hypermarket as well as our final shopping. Imagine our surprise, then, to arrive at the ferry terminal to discover that our ship had been delayed by an hour.

The final return leg was uneventful beyond that. In the end we worked out we had done close to 1115 miles in the round journey, consuming some thing like 65 gallons of 97/98 octane fuel.