Tonight our original intentions were to see a live baseball game, especially if the Yomura Giants were playing at home (they have one player who is on 499 home runs), however all three Tojyo teams were playing away. Instead we decided to hit a popular sushi bar recommended in one of the guides. Unfortunately, probably due to my mental winding down (due to the holiday coming to the end) I was jsut not hungry (also the large lunch wouldn’t have helped).

From the sushi restaurant we went for a walk and ended up at one of the Kirin chain of bars, where we stayed for a couple of hours having a few relaxing draft beers. Next stop was a coffee house across the road for a final coffee and cake (or ko-he to ca-ke in Japanese). It was not a cheap place, but my cake was effectively a whole load of layers of thin pankakes and double cream. Very rich, very fattening, and very very nice.

Strangely enough we ended up back at the baseball alley for a few more rounds on the batting machines.