Despite the weather, the stay in Hiroshima has been good. The hotel is hte bets one we’ve stayed in yet, a good place to stay for anyone coming over here and very close to the Peace Park and Museum.

Shortly we’ll be heading over to Kobe for a one night stay before going on back to Tokyo for 2. Not sure what the original reason for Kobe was, but it was probably food as it’s meant to have a superb Chinatown. Our plans, however, are that we’ll jump on a shinkansen to Kyoto and hit Gion for the night time sites and food, aiming to head back to Kobe between ~9 and 10 p.m.

Even though we’re staying at a Holiday Inn in Kobe, I don’t think it has ‘Net accss, so this might be my last edit for a few days. I’ve used up my photo capacity anyhow on webshots. If I take anything suitable in Gion I’ll have to remove other photos first.