Well we’ve now arrived at Hiroshima. This place looks good. Obviously very modern, and by the looks of things, not too large. The hotel (Hotel Dormy) is a modern business hotel that’s probably the best place we’ve stayed yet (and being back to individual rooms, no queuing for the shower in the morning, or me keeping Dave awake with my snoring). It is also only about 5 minutes walk away from the Peace Museum and Park.

Lunch was a little sureal. We ate at an Italian place, which was very Italian on the inside, while sitting by an open window, looking over a tree’d boulevard with bicycles and scooters parked up on the grass. We could have been in France or Italy during the summer. Even though you could see the museum in the background, it is rather Franco-Italian in style. Food was good too.

The museum is a must for all coming to this city. It is very good, giving a very ballanced view, though obviously much emphasis on an end to atomic weapons. The only problem is you get lots of school children being shown around – and that can flood the place, as happened to us.

The park is also very good, with a visible constant reminder of the A-Bomb Dome. From the middle of the museum you can look right down a long wide path, through the cenetaph, over an internal flame, down to the Dome.

These are a must see, but are certainly worth it.