We decided it was too late to hit Gion, we’ll do it another night as we need to book a decent restaurant for a kaiseki-ryori meal. Instead we went for a wander and ended up back at the food courts at the satation, at a tepanyaki bar where we had okonomiyaki. Was a little dissapointed that it was cooked at a counter then brought to the hot plate at our table, rather than our cooking it ourselves.

After we decided to go for a beer, and wound up at a recommended izayaki round the corner from the ryoken. We were just going to order drinks, but okonomiyaki is only small so a few small plates appeared in front of us. This joint was really friendly so I can see us ending up back there.

I do have one slight worry with these izayaki and their yakitori. While the food is cooked, the texture is always as if the chicken is raw, so I keep expecting the worst.