Well lat night we found a rather good and popular nabemono restaurant, and yet again failed to get out of Shinjuku for the evening. We were both just too tired. After a quick discussion we decided we both fancied a stock pot type meal so to find the above 3 minutes around the corner from the hotel was pure luck. Ordering seemed to cause as much confusion as normal(*), but we did manage to select a sukiyaki, which promptly arrived as a boiling pot on a burner with the ingredients already in it. Even so we still had to wait before we could eat – as we did get our wrists slapped for going to start taking food out too soon, a common theme as other groups were having the same problem. One thing about nabemono dishes is that they are large, with the result that we struggled to finish about 2/3rds of the dish. We both felt rather full afterwards, but happy.

Post the restaurant we decided not to wander as we were both suffering from the exersions of the day (lots of walking), so we hit the local arcade once more. A little baseball batting practice later it was time for a showdown on the GuitarFreeksV game (see the air guitar entry from a few days ago). You can have a two player challenge, so we did. A photo shows our final scores, though I missed the chance to get a screen shot from the first of the three rounds when my attempt was rated at an A compared to Dave’s E. By the end of the game my l33t sk1lz r0x3d Dave. Revenge followed on the DrumManiaV machine. Neither of us had played this before, and over the usual 3 rounds Dave gradually improved. Actually for the last track (a slow one) he was rated as a B. I followed and got similar scores for the first two rounds, so decided to go for a fast track instead as on the guitar game this was easier. Not so here – I made so many mistakes I failed to even finish the track.

* In hind site the problems with ordering were down to the fact I pointed to a picture of sukiyaki to which the waitress responded ‘nabemono’. Now we though she asked us about drink (nomemono), so asked for 2 beers, where as she was trying to make sure we knew what we were ordering.