The original plan for today was to see the cherry blossom at Shinjuku Goen, then to head over to the Imperial Palace. Yesterday it was nice and sunny, so this would have been great, however it has rained all day. Net result we went over to Akihabara, the electronics area, to do some shopping.

There are lots of toys there, all at similar sorts of prices to the UK, so a card reader for the laptop and a 256 MB pen drive were both not bought. The place did feel a little too like home for my wallet’s own good and Dave had to drag me away from the latest Panasonic laptop – the Light Wave C2. The thing is about the size of a smaller laptop, weighs next to nothing, and yet still manages to fit in a DVD read/writer. I was so tempted.

Lunch today has been sushi, at about a quarter the price of the UK. Dinner will probably be snacks (such as yakitori and takoyaki) in a sake bar.