O.K., about to finish packing up and check out of the Stony Brook Holiday Inn, Long Island, New York.
Been a busy time. The christening yesterday was chaos, but the bash afterwards was nice, just friends and familly in a reserved room – nice end to the day.
Griffin is a large baby, but healthy and it’s not fat, so hopefully he’ll slow down growth wise. Neither Tracy nor Chris are large, however Tracy’s brothers are and it might be a case that Griffin has inherrited the same growth genes as them.

The hotel I’ve been staying in has been o.k.,nothing special, though the bed was damn comfy. The lack of a bar annoyed Chris’s brother-in-law, but there was a food joint neaqr by the 4 of us (Pauline and John, his middle sister and husband, and Katie, his niece – daughter of his eldesty sister) could go to.

Now to head back to JFK to drop off the car then get the Air Train and Long Island Express in to NYC. The car is a 2004 model Buick Century, and boy is it rubbish. The central locking does not work by the key, but all doors lock when you go in to drive and unlock when you park, so you either have to manually lock each door each time, else with the drivers door closed, press a button to lock all doors, then unlock the driver’s one to get out. More later possibly on it.